Membership Fees

Please note new membership fees from January 2020

Full Rowing

Type of Membership                                                  Annual                            Monthly

Adult (Over 18 years)                                                      £360.00                               £30.00

Junior (Under 18)                                                           £216.00                                £18.00

OAP                                                                                    £216.00                                £18.00

Students – Visiting students pay £10 for each of the Christmas and Easter holidays, and £60 for the summer holidays. Students rowing all year round pay £18pcm or £216 per year.

Concessions are available at the discretion of the committee


Rack Fee (any Member)                                                 £60.00                                  £5.00

Rack Fee (non Member)                                                £80.00                                    N/A


Land Training (whilst waiting for ‘Learn to Row’ course)

Type of Membership                                                  Annual                            Monthly

Adult                                                                                     £216                                   £18.00


N.B.  The club’s annual fees fall due on 1st January of each year; if you wish to pay monthly, this MUST  be by standing order.  If you join the club midway through the year, the pro-rata fee becomes payable immediately; again this can be spread over the remaining months of the year providing you pay by standing order.  The exception to this is the Rack Fee (Non Member), which must be paid yearly in advance, and student fees which must be paid on the first day of visiting the club.